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(Books published by “Mate Marketing Technology” and ZSEM in Croatia)
The Modi Doctrine: New Paradigms in India's Foreign Policy

The Modi Doctrine: New Paradigms in India's Foreign Policy

by Anirban Ganguly, Vijay Chauthaiwale, Uttam Kumar Sinha

States today are far more engaged in diplomacy than ever before, actively building relations with other states to harness their mutual commercial and cultural strengths. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s outlook to global affairs is no different, yet there is a nuanced approach in linking India’s foreign policy to domestic transformation. While on the one hand, his policies seek to attract foreign capital, technology and open foreign markets for Indian products, on the other, they are geared towards regional stability, peace and prosperity.

The Silk Roads: A New History of the World

The Silk Roads: A New History of the World

by Peter Frankopan

Peter Frankopan, a brilliant and fearlessly wide-ranging young Oxford historian marches briskly through the centuries, disguising his erudition with an enviable lightness of touch, enlivening his narrative with a beautifully constructed web of anecdotes and insights, backed up by an impressively wide-ranging scholarly apparatus of footnotes drawing on works in multiple languages... This is history on a grand scale, with a sweep and ambition that is rare… A remarkable book on many levels, a proper historical epic of dazzling range and achievement.

One Man's View of the World

One Man's View of the World

by Lee Kuan Yew

In this book, Lee draws on that wealth of experience and depth of insight to offer his views on today's world and what it might look like in 20 years. In this broad-sweep narrative that takes in America, China, Asia and Europe, he parses their society, probes the psyche of the people and draws his conclusions about their chances for survival and just where they might land in the hierarchy of tomorrow's balance of power. What makes a society tick? What do its people really believe? Can it adapt? In spare, unflinching prose that eschews political correctness, he describes a China that remains obsessed with control from the centre on its way to an unstoppable rise...

Kissinger: 1923-1968: The Idealist

Kissinger: 1923-1968: The Idealist

by Niall Ferguson

Niall Ferguson has created an extraordinary panorama of Kissinger's world, and a paradigm-shifting reappraisal of the man. Only through knowledge of Kissinger's early life (as a Jew in Hitler's Germany, a poor immigrant in New York, a GI at the Battle of the Bulge, an interrogator of Nazis, and a student of history at Harvard) can we understand his debt to the philosophy of idealism. And only by tracing his rise, fall and revival as an adviser to Kennedy, Nelson Rockefeller and, finally, Richard Nixon can we appreciate the magnitude of his contribution to the theory of diplomacy, grand strategy and nuclear deterrence. The book also provides an insight into the Vietnam War.

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(Books, collections of papers and editorial books of the CroAsia Institute’s scholars)
  • Social transformation of Yugoslavia and beyond
    • 白伊维 [Ivica Bakota]:《前南地区国家社会转向及社会发展研究》 [Social transformation of Yugoslavia and beyond] 当代世界出版社2019年.
  • The Cold War and the transformation of Socialism
    • 白伊维 [Ivica Bakota]:《第八卷:南斯拉夫》[Vol. 8: Yugoslavia]; 沈志华 [Shen Zhihua]:《冷战与社会制度转型》[The Cold War and the transformation of Socialism], 上海人民出版社2019年.


(CroAsia Institute’s scholars)
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